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The Best Incident And The Worst Drama In Bollywood In The Past Week!

Bollywood has a lot of drama to offer you every single day. Be it good or bad, everything here happens at a cost!

Over the past week there have been way too many things happening in B’Town. Here is a look at what we thought was the best and the worst thing to happen in Bollywood this past week!

Good news on its way?

Now this is a very good to have happened to these celebs.

SHOCKING! Is Kareena Kapoor pregnant?

OMG! Is Kareena Kapoor pregnant? Well, at least her absence from special events like the latest Award ceremonies, and her sudden weight gain and that sparkly glow on her face are all screaming YES SHE IS!!! Read here

Oh my!! A pleasant surprise indeed..

Too pricey, eh?

Here is what we thought was not a good thing to have taken place!!

Sonu Nigam’s fight with T-Series to cost him his career?

Sonu Nigam, who was among the musicians who had a tiff with T-Series over royalties, might now have to pay for the fight with his career. Wanna know how? See here

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