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This is crazy! Look how Bollywood actresses got mobbed by their fans

They say na, all that glitters ain’t gold… Well, our Bollywood industry may look all rosy and glossy from the outside, but only our actors can tell you what problems they often face. Now we all know in India, most of the A-list actors are given a status of God, and so just imagine what would happen when you get a glimpse of your “God” or ideal.. You would naturally go berserk. Well, there have been crazy and wild incidents where our Bollywood actresses have been mobbed by their crazy fans. And then there have also been incidents where fans, on spotting their favorite ladies, have literally gone out of control. Take a look.

A fan gets touchy with Deepika Padukone

Bollywood’s new queen, Deepika Padukone had a terrible experience last year, while interacting with some of her fans at a publicity even to launch a magazine. Her fans on spotting the actress created so much of hullabaloo, they literally threw themselves on the poor babe. Even her bodyguard could not prevent the mayhem that was to follow. There was a lot of pushing around and the pic here sees a fan a bit too eager for comfort!

Priyanka Chopra almost suffered a wardrobe malfunction

This exotic babe was a vision in this pink and white outfit as she posed for photogs on International Girl Child Day. Little did she know what was going to follow post the event. Well, as the actress walked to her car, a few fans spotted her and suddenly in the blink of an eye she was surrounded by heavy crowd. She was mobbed so terribly that she almost suffered a wardrobe malfunction.

Kareena Kapoor helpless and in tears

kareena-kapoor mobbed
Yes, the begum of Pataudi was mobbed too, which left her almost in tears. Kareena Kapoor was in Jaipur last year, promoting her film Gori Tere Pyaar Mein. Her fans literally went out of control just to get a glimpse of her. They were all over her, leaving the actress helpless and in tears. The situation was scary with the crowd pushing and nearly crushing her. It took a lot of effort by Bebo’s security guards to get her safely into her car.

When Akki played Knight In Shinning Armour to Sonakshi Sinha

The lootera babe is truly the apple of the eye amongst Bollywood buffs. From receiving love proposals to getting mobbed by fans, Sonakshi Sinha has tasted her share of crazy incidents too. The actress had visited Ajmer Sharif to offer prayers for the success of her film ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobaara, and least did she expect that soon an uncontrollable crowd would hound her. Finally it was Akshay Kumar who came to Sonakshi’s rescue by embracing her tight and protecting her, in his true gentleman style!

When fans threw themselves on Katrina Kaif

The barbie doll had to face a harrowing experience recently when she got mobbed by a large crowd which promoting her film Dhoom 3, along with Aamir, Abhishek and Uday. The over excited fans were literally struggling among themselves to get a picture clicked with the actress. Luckily, Kats guards came to her rescue just on time and saved the babe from what could have turned out into a big disaster.

Aishwarya Rai and baby Aaradhya turn Angry birds

The beauty had a hard time managing her fans in Punjab, where she had gone to inaugurate the 52nd store of Kerala-based Kalyan Jewellers. The annoying crowd literally harassed her both at the airport and the venue, so much so that Ash was about to fall due to heavy rush. The incident made the actress lose her temper and she even cancelled her media briefing.

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