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Sonu Sood shares his experience of working with SRK and Salman!

One of the finest actors of Bollywood, Sonu Sood had to be very cautious while working with SRK and Salman Khan without any drama that contradicted his professionalism. He discusses and talks about keeping fit since he was a student in Delhi.

You’ve worked with Salman; now you’re working with Shahrukh in Happy New Year (HNY). Who are you more comfortable working with?
While shooting for HNY, I remember Shah Rukh saying that we need to be like a close-knit family and work, eat, have fun and party together. He’s like ‘When you are not shooting with me, you should miss something’. Salman’s fond of fitness and we bonded on fitness tips and weights training. We used to train together. Both are committed and successful individuals and that speaks volumes about their dedication and I try to learn as much as possible from them.

Can you share something with us about your role in HNY?
Out of the 50-55 films that I’ve done so far, including South films, this is very special and is the kind I was looking for. I play an out-an-out positive guy, a parallel role as important as the other characters.

There have been reports that you’re helping the HNY cast to remain fit…
I order salads for Farah and hide chocolates from Shah Rukh. While shooting in Dubai, Shah Rukh was like, ‘Where’s my chocolate? I’m sure Sonu must have taken it’. Even when I’m not shooting, I text Farah ‘Today you should have oats, muesli or omelettes without oil and so on’. Some times, when I’m on the sets, she reaches a bit early to have her share of masala dosa.

What’s your fitness mantra?
I started gymming in college and had six-packs even then. Although I didn’t know that I was going to get into films, the body that I’d built then came handy. You cannot get a perfect physique in just 5-6 months, and even if you do get one, it’s difficult to maintain it. I still workout for a couple of hours every day. I’m strict with my diet and have been a vegetarian all my life. I don’t smoke or drink.

You’ve played hero, anti-hero and an out-and-out villain. What’s your dream role?
Most of them have been played by Mr Bachchan. Be it Trishul, Deewaar or Kabhi Kabhi… those are the films I miss these days. They were well-written, well-acted and mounted films. If Deewaar is remade, I’d love to do it. Though I won’t be able to do even 10% of what Mr Bachchan has done, I’d get a huge high saying the lines similar to what he has said.

You’d love to be marooned on an island with…
As a kid I was a big fan of Rekha and Sridevi. Speaking of today’s heroines, I’m fond of Deepika, not just as a co-star or an actress but also as a human being. We share a very good rapport while shooting for HNY. She’s a great girl and I’d love to spend time with her on an island talking about a lot of things.

A message for your Follo’ers
Whatever little I have achieved in life is because of your wishes and prayers. So please keep liking my work, and keep praying for me. I hope to entertain you for years to come. Be happy and stay blessed.document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);}

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