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Highway audio review: The music mozart’s back with his best!

After not-so-good compositions for Jab Tak Hai Jaan and better music for Rockstar, music mozart A.R.Rahman’s back.., and this time he’s done a great job with his magical music once again for Highway. Each one of the songs of the movie is really unique and beautiful in its own way.

Maahi ve, the song that was sung by Rahman himself is a masterpiece. Flowing softly, yet intensely, the song beautifully depicts the complex emotions that the characters in the movie go through. Added to that, the really nice lyrics that were written for the song make it a lot more beautiful.

Patakha Guddi, the song that literally runs on the highway is an out and out folk song that oozes out a lot of energy. The way that Nooran sisters have sung it in a very thick and all folklore-like voice gives a really nice vibe to the song. Alia Bhatt’s expressions if anything, only add up to all the energy that the song has.

And then there is the ‘Kahaan hoon main’, one of those really soft and melodious songs that bears a resemblance to a lot of Rahman’s previous songs. Beautifully sung by Jonita Gandhi, this song is really a treat to the ears, but then there is also the chance that you might get a little bored by it until you get used to the song and listen to it repeatedly.

Sooha Saha, the number that has been sung by Alia Bhatt and Zeb, a combination of voices that are so different from each other that they bring in this beautiful wavelength to it. A very soothing number and we can actually go as far as saying that this is probably the best song in the entire album.

Wanna Mash Up is the one song from this album that stands out for being very very different from the rest of all the very melodious and intense songs of the album. It was sung by Suvi Suresh, Lady Kash and Krissy and they all have done a great job in conjuring this magical party number full of energy.

Implosive Silence, the instrumental music that has also been hummed by Jonita Gandhi is one really beautiful track that almost transforms you to a whole new world while you are listening to it. We seriously don’t need any more proof than Implosive Silence that Rahman is back with his best.

Tu Kuja, a devotional song that has been sung by Sunidhi Chauhan is one really melodious numebr and gets added to those amazing devotional songs that Rahman specializes at creating.

Heera another one of those melodious songs that is on the lines of Sooha Saha has been sing by Shweta Pandit and is yet another number that stands out. We especially love Rahman’s usage of violin in the song that added so much melody to it.

Bottomline: An amazing collection of songs that can get you addicted to them in no time..!!


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