Zayed Khan: “Sunanda was close to my entire family”!

Zayed Khan is not close to many people besides his family members.

Politician-writer Sunanda Pushkar was one person outside the family circle that Zayed was really close.

“She was close to my entire family,” says Zayed, still in disbelief about Sundanda’s death. “It’s really hard for me to get my head around the fact that she is no more with us.”

Sundanda was a regular visitor in Khan family and was very close to almost every member of the family. Zayed would often discuss life and related problems with her.

“She was one of the warmest most amazing human beings I had met. I’d say she was a good friend of mine. I am actually still in disbelief! How can someone so beautiful go so rudely? I knew her for about five years now. But it seems I knew her forever. That’s how warm and wonderful she was. Whenever she was around, she spread so much happiness. Now that radiance is gone,” says Zayed.

Incidentally, Sunanda Pushkar’s only son Shiv is all set to make his acting debut. Apparently Sunanda Zayed would often discuss life and related problems with her.

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