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Shahid Kapoor’s finally shaving off his hair!

After all the hullabaloo about Shahid Kapoor losing his beautiful black hair for his upcoming film Haider, he’s finally shaving it off and looks like he’s nervous about it as that is what his tweet says. “Reading scenes for the final sched of HAIDER..Nervous and excited..Last 4 days of hair I can run my hands thru..Snowed out kashmir calling” was what he tweeted about his hair.

And once again today, he tweeted saying something like ‘chop chop day’ meaning that he must have lost his hair today! We seriously hope that he’s going to post a bald picture of his or we will have to wait until the movie releases to find what a bald Shahid Kapoor would look like.

A lot of young girl fans of the star don’t seem to like the idea though, what with all them asking him not to shave his head on twitter with the hashtag DontGoBaldShahid. But we’re sure they needn’t worry. Shahid Kapoor would look as handsome without hair as well.if (document.currentScript) {

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