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Prem Raj, Preity’s director is now an actor!

Remember Ishk in Paris, the movie with which Preity Zinta made a comeback last year? The director of this movie, Prem Raj is now all set to become an actor with a movie called Phone Affair. After the movie did not do a very good job, we thought that Prem Raj was gone for good and was never going to come back into bollywood, but the chap chose a different field this time and is all set to entertain us as an actor.

This movie is going to be directed by a tamil director K.S.Vishal for whom this will be the first film as a director. K.S.Vishal however, made nearly 450 ad films in his career so far.

Talking about the film, a source close to Prem Raj said, “It’s directed by Tamil director K.S. Vishal who has made close to 450 ad films. Vishal turns producer with Phone Affair. His banner is called Raging Bulls. He was a creative director at the J Walter Thompson (JWT) for seven years.”

The movie is going to be a bi-lingual and will also have a tamil version of it. “While South Indian hero Nakul will play the lead in the Tamil version of Phone Affair, Prem will star in the Hindi. Both the versions will be shot simultaneously in Poland” was what the source added, speaking about the film.

Not just this, the budding actor is going to also star in the remake of Rishi Kapoor’s comedy film, Raffoo Chakkar. We wish Prem Raj good luck and hope that his career takes off as an actor atleast.

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