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Preeti Desai trained in ballet and jazz for One By Two

Preeti Desai might have landed the role opposite her boyfriend Abhay Deol in One By Two easily but she had to work hard to live upto the role. In a recent interview, Preeti Desai talks about how she had to learn Ballet and Jazz for playing her role of a dancer in the movie.

“Samara (Preeti’s character in the film) has been dancing since she was four-year-old. It’s not your typical Bollywood dance, it is ballet and jazz,” was what she said talking about it. And she had to undergo the trianing for a whole of five months so that she would look convincing as a dancer in the film.
“So before the film started I trained five months prior everyday in ballet and jazz. Hopefully I will be convincing enough as a dancer in the film,” was what Preeti added, on it.

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