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Katrina’s fear for the m-word might’ve ended her relationship with Ranbir!

Everyone went crazy when two of the best looking bollywood actors got together and since then, no one stopped talking about them. But then the near-perfect love story came to an end when Katrina supposedly rejected Ranbir’s proposal for marriage on the New Year’s eve.
Isn’t this surprising? Looking at Ranbir’s past, we would have all thought that if anything, it would have been the other way around.., right? So what is it that the pretty damsel fears so much about getting married that she just threw away the dream life that many bollywood actresses would probably die for? (not that her life isn’t a dream life already..)

Katrina’s answer to all the questions on her relationship status have always been something like, “I’m single till I get married” which always left us wondering if she doesn’t take her relationship with Ranbir seriously enough to get married to him.

In another interview of hers, here’s what Katrina spoke about her relationship with Ranbir once again making us wonder what she actually means, “Being in love and being in a relationship are two different things. A relationship which is not fully committed to, or which has not yet reached a culmination is something I believe you should be discreet about. And I have always tried to be discreet about what’s in my life.”

And in the end, there really is nothing we can do except for pray that Katrina gets over her fear for marriage, that these two one day get married and we actually get to witness the biggest wedding that bollywood has ever seen.

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