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Another love story in the making: Virat kohli & Anushka Sharma

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Umm, so I was wondering the other was the entire fuss about Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli partying until I learnt that the two are apparently in a live-in-relationship. Live-in is okay. but relationship? Wow, that is something interesting.

We all know how well the shampoo commercial that stars Virat and Anushka turned out to be. On screen they looked fabulous but who knew there was something fish cooking off screen too?

These two stars, one from the world of cricket and one from Bollywood, met last August for the advertisement. And that is exactly when cupid struck.

I am not sure how everything blossomed but it blossomed big time. Virat was flattered by this beauty and well, Anushka seems to have been completely clean bowled by the former. The two were often spotted partying and that is when rumours about the two began spreading.

Okay, so coming back to the ‘live-in’ part.. The actor and the cricketer have been seen getting cozy and also doing a little hanky panky in Anushka’s apartment. No, these isn’t just random gossip. Guess who decided to be our secret messenger this time.. None other than the security guards of Anushka’s Building. The cricketer has been seen spending a bit too much time in the actor’s house.

We don’t even bother asking these two what is brewing between them.. Cause we know what their reply will be. “We are just good friends”.. Bleh! Good friends don’t get too cozy late in the night in an apartment. And also it was Anushka’s ex Ranveer Singh who brought the two closer it seems.. Nah, I don’t think I’d buy that..

Anyway, methinks the two will make for an odd pair but definitely a successful one. She rules Bollywood and he reigns over cricket. Lets wait and watch where this leads to. } else {

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