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Shah Rukh Khan’s injury was actually a very serious one, Farah Khan reveals!

We all know how Shah Rukh Khan got seriously injured when he was shooting for Happy New Year in Mumbai when a door that was a part of the set fell upon him. He then was rushed to a local hospital where he was treated for the injuries that he sustained. But what we came to know about it is that the injuries were not all that minor at all. So how fine is he now? Do you want to know more about the injury and how King Khan is feeling at the moment?

Here’s what Farah Khan talks about the injury, “His knee is busted and the shoulder has gone for a toss. His head too was bleeding profusely. Any other actor would have gone on a two-month rest, but we’ve only pushed the schedule back by a week. We’ll re-start with the low-intensity scenes and I can promise there will be no action or dance for SRK until he is completely recovered.”

Also from his most recent twitter update, we can infer that the injuries were quite serious. “Been strapped around the joints last few days. Realised the truth of life thru bandages. Not too tight not too loose…keeps it comfortable” said his tweet indicating that he is not completely fine now.

We do hope that Shah Rukh Khan recovers really quickly and get out of all those painful bandages very soon..,

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