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Shaadi Ke Side Effects – Why are Farhan and Vidya perfect for the roles?

Director of the film Pyaar Ke Side Effects, wanted to make a sequel after the success of the first film and the sequel is titled Shaadi Ke Side Effects buy metformin side effects . Farhan Akhtar and Vidya Balan play the leading roles of the couple experiencing marital problems.

According to the director, the script demanded the lead actors to be convincing as parents in the marital-family comedy-drama. To his relief though, his lead couple’s experience of handling kids turned out to be quite useful.

“Farhan is a father himself so it wasn’t much of an issue. He has seen his kids grow up in front of his eyes and I know for sure that he is a very caring father. His character in the film may be a tad irritated with the presence of a kid but in real life, he has raised his kids very effectively. He knows the drill,” said Saket Chowdhary, the director.

Though Vidya is not a mother yet, she has quality maternal skills as she has taken care of her sister’s kids. Saket adds about Vidya, “Vidya’s sister has twins and she has seen it all when it comes to raising them. In a way, she has encountered it up, close and personal on how it is like to be a parent. She gave me a couple of ideas of what it means to a woman to have a child and family. Both she and Farhan shared anecdotes on how rest of the life goes on a backburner with a kid around. You can’t really have your own plans as it all boils down to how a kid feels and wants to be pampered on a particular day, or for that matter even an hour.”

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