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Bollywood actors who go crazy after a drink or two!

Parting late night and going tipsy with friends is a life-style of celebrities. They are rich, successful and know very well how to make merry. Our Bollywood actors, more often than not, drink till they drop, and then what happens? Well, nothing much apart from some turning ridiculously funny, while some stubborn and furious, a few become hyperactive and there are those who get distressed. We bring to you Bollywood actors who got intoxicated during their lavish private parities.

Vidya Balan

Vidya-Balan drunk
The Dirty Picure babe is always seen in the most traditional avatar but little did we know that she has this naughty and happy-go-lucky-girlie side to her too. Can you imagine Vidya Balan high on alcohol, swaying here and there, unable to stand on her feet? Well, this pic is a proof to her funny antics once she’s drunk to the brim.

Sonam Kapoor

sonam kapoor drunk
Pictures of Sonam Kapoor surfaced the internet where she was pictured drunk at private party, having a ball with her party people. From what we heard, Sonam was high on alcohol and was getting too cozy with one of her male friends. She was dressed in revealing clothes, showing cleavage. Her sister Rhea too was seen in full mood dancing and drinking throughout.

Manisha Koirala

Manisha koirala drunk
Not very long ago, actress Manisha Koirala was spotted in a drunken state and was not in a condition to even reach her house and so was escorted by close people around. The actress was invited at the launch party of her ex boyfriend Prashant Chaudhari’s restaurant lounge. Although Manisha is known for her smoking and alcohol addiction, the condition in the party was reported to be beyond imagination.

Salman Khan

salman khan drunk
The Dabangg dude somehow always manages to get into problem every time he gulps down liquor. Way back in 2008, at Katrina Kaif’s birthday party, Salman Khan drank and drank till he had an ugly showdown with Shahrukh Khan. The fight later turned so heated that the duo were on the verge to punch each other.

Ameesha Patel

Ameesha-Patel drunk
This babe is one crazy woman. Apparently, she once broke her Karva Chauth fast with champagne. Pics of Ameesha drunk to the brim at a late night party did rounds in the web world. She was caught in high spirits at a private party.

Shahrukh Khan

shahrukh Khan drunk
Shahrukh Khan allegedly beat up filmmaker Shirish Kunder, the husband of Farah Khan, at a party hosted by actor Sanjay Dutt, in his drunken state. If this wasn’t enough, the Chennai Express dude has been banned from entering Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium for five years after a row with staff at an IPL cricket match. He was apparently high on alcohol.

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