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Salman Khan wants to gift a bike to one of his loyal fans!

Salman Khan has always been the kind of actor who does just about anything for his fans which is probably why he has so many fans in the first place. And when it comes to giving away his some really expensive gifts to his fans, he has always been popular for that. This time, a lucky fan of his is all about to get a bike from him!

A certain fan of Salman Khan who happens to be a farmer living in a remote village is apparently so devoted to him that whenever a movie of his releases, he walks for some 18 kms to watch it. Not just that, he exchanges the fruits or vegetables that he grows to buy the ticket as he can’t afford it otehrwis. Moved by this, Salman Khan who recenly launched the Gixxer bike of Suzuki this Monday declared that when he meets this fan once again, he would like to gift him the bike.

The problem here is, who is going to tell this poor guy what he just won himself by being such a huge fan? We hope that by some means he comes to know about this and from this time onwards watches all his movies by going to the nearest theatre on that bike instead of by walking to them.d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

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