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Salman Khan supports his liking for Narendra Modi

With Salman Khan’s Jai Ho not doing very well, the media naturally began looking for reasons for the movie not being liked by Salman’s fans despite being acclaimed by critics. And naturally it all led to how some of his ardent fans from the Muslim community did not really approve of him praising Narendra Modi recently when he visited him.

Komal Nahta a popular film analyst tweeted just this by saying, “Figures prove dat a section of Muslims has boycottd salman’s JaiHo coz dey havn’t liked his comments on modi. Will the hero do damage control?”

When Salman Khan was questioned on this issue, initially he maintained that the Komal Nahta’s tweet can’t be true at all by saying,”This is false reason and it should not be promoted.It might be possible that they must have not liked the movie. They might have not liked its content. But this reason (what Komal Nahta gave) is false and shouldn’t be promoted.”

Later, he let out his thoughts on how he would rather not have such communal and narrow minded fans in what a really bold statement that could hurt many of his fans. “In our film industry there is no Hindu, no Muslim, no Sikh and no Christian. We all one, we all humans. We all entertainers. And that what we do. And I do not believe that my fans will listen to any of this rubbish and not going to watch movie. It might be possible that they must have not liked the movie. If this is to be a reason, than i am going to be embarrassed with that particular fans and I don’t want them to be my fans” was what Salman Khan said as an answer. As for all of his ‘communal’ fans, we’ll wait and watch what they have got to say.

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