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Salman Khan: Jai Ho is an entertaining film with a good message

Salman Khan’s Jai Ho didn’t get the big opening that was expected of it. Though it is first big-budget film of 2014, Jai Ho didn’t get a huge start like his other films like Wanted, buy accutane in uk with mastercard Dabangg, Bodyguard, etc.

Salman Khan said he’s ready to take the blame for the film. “The overall collections of the film matter. I am not affected by the figures of my film. If the film gets a good opening, it’s good. If it doesn’t, nobody has failed but me. I could not give the reason for people to perhaps see the film. No one can predict the collections of a film. We have made a beautiful and a good film. It is entertaining film with a dose of action and it also gives a good message,” Salman said at an event.

“Perhaps I have failed in bringing in the people. We tried to do something different and may be people did not want to see the film as they expected to see a Dabangg, Bodyguyard kind of a film. They wanted to enjoy. Some people understood that this is not that kind of film and that it s a serious film,” he added.

“We are also confused with the reaction we are getting from theatres and the collections are not matching up. It is strange combination,” Salman said.

The Sohail Khan directed film grossed Rs 17 crores on the opening day.

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