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When Ronit Roy became a Lucknowi Hawker…

Lucknowis were pleasantly surprised to see the actor Ronit Roy dressed like a muslim hawker, pushing a thela filled with sundries. While everyone there was wondering why he was doing so, we know it is a part of a reality show.

As per the show’s format, celebs will step in mango peoples’ shoes for a day and whatever funds they generate, will be donated to charity. Ronit stepped into the shoes of 60-year-old Jamad Ali, a thelawala in Unnao, with a serious liver ailment. The show will also have Harbhajan Singh selling namkeen and Varun Dhawan selling vegetables.

A housewife whom Ronit had approached, joked and demanded him to dance. “Shah Rukh ke jaise dance kar ke dikhao tab main kuch khareedoongi.” Fans were also charged to click pictures with him. }}

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