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Poonam Pandey is the new target for Pakistani terrorists!

Poonam Pandey always finds one way or another to get into the news, and this time, you won’t even believe what happened to this attention seeking sexy siren. A Pakistani militant group seemed to have hacked her personal blog! or so she claims..

Apparently when the actress woke up on the morning of Monday, she found statements that said ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ and Rise (sic.) a voice for justice of (sic) Kashmir’ and things like that on her blog, clearly indicating that a Pakistani militant group has targeted her trying to use her publicity for their advantage.

And now, our Poonam babe is terrified that she might be the next target for attack for those Pakistani terrorists.”I’ve never been afraid of being attacked. For the first time in my life I am scared.The hackers seem to be terrorists. I don’t know how to deal with that.This time the attack is from a source I can’t handle. These people sound like militants and they’ve taken over my website. My team is working on an early restoration. But the damage is done. And I wonder if I am safe. What if they attack me next?” was what Poonam Pandey was found saying after this incident.
When something like this happens, we seriously we wouldn’t know whether to laugh or feel frightened for the poor little girl.., but we seriously hope that nothing happens to her and that no one attacks her.d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

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