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No more movies for Veena Malik!

Veena Malik, the sexy Pakistani actress who was all over the news for going topless for a magazine announced that she will no longer be a part of movies be it bollywood or Pakistani films. Not just that, she has decided that she will not take off her dupatta for the rest of her life!

“I have quit the show-biz industry. From now onwards, I will not perform in Pakistani and Indian movie.I am also going to refuse Indian film producers with whom I had agreed to work in their movies and plays” said Veena Malik, confirming the news. She also added that she would be engaging in a project that will only aim for welfare or social awareness.

What is it that caused such a huge change in the way she thinks? According to her, a Muslim scholar by the name Maulana Tariq Jameel was the reason behind this change in her.”Maulana sahib made me promise not to take off my dupatta (head scarf). And I will fulfil this promise for the rest of my life” Veena Malik said, confirming this.

“Like other humans I have also committed mistakes. I have sought forgiveness of my mistakes from God. Now I want to work for the welfare of the people of Pakistan” added a completely transformed Veena Malik.}

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