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Get to know the emotional side of Abhay Deol

He is known for his off beat choice of movies, but the Dev D actor, Abhay Deol reveals that he wouldn’t mind doing a mass entertainer flick too.

“As an audience I enjoy it. I may not be able to act in it (massy films) but can definitely produce it,” Abhay tolda tabloid.

“For me doing a formula, big budget film Bollywood film will also be experimental cinema… it would be different. So I am open to it. But it better have someone who is established, have better clout and back that project and go gaga over it,” he added.

According to Abhay, Bollywood can be summed into big money, big names and big glamour. “If someone offers me (mass films) why will I say no, I haven’t got anything yet. But will they offer me something like this… I don’t know, they might think I may say no considering I haven’t done something like this before. Some guys are big, they can take chances.”

The 37-year-old actor will soon be seen his next film ‘One By Two’, which also sees his real life girlfriend act opposite him. The actor has shifted the release of his film to January 31 to accomodate big brother Sunny Deol’s ‘Dhishkiyaon’.

“I think from my heart than mind. I think here it did matter… I am not clashing with ‘Jai Ho’. I am coming after that. It was like if I have to do it then I don’t want to clash with Salman, it will be like shooting myself in my foot. I was happy coming on February 7 as well, but my brother’s film was coming, which I believe is now delayed,” Abhay said.

So what does Abhay think about his brothers Sunny and Bobby Deol?

The actor says, “The one thing that I have inherited from the Deol family is the whole emotional aspect. We are emotional than the most people… we are very shy of the media or public at large. We like being private, slightly hot headed.”

The film One By Two is directed by Devika Bhagat.

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