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Ex-couple Deepika and Siddharth share polite conversation on Twitter

Times have seriously changed now. There was a time when ex flames would part ways on a bitter note and never turn back or more often than not, they would snub each other in public places. But like I said, with changing time, our mentalities are changing too.

Bollywood’s current Queen Bee Deepika Padukone, who was once dating the dashing young entrepreneur Siddharth Mallya, parted ways for unknown reasons. The two dated and parted ways in a very hush hush manner, and unlike Deepy’s relationship with Ranbir Kapoor, this one did not turn ugly post break up.

Deepika and Siddharth Mallya share a very cordial relationship now, and this was evident on Twitter recently, when the duo exchanged pleasantries. Congratulating her on her success, Sid tweeted, “Congrats @deepikapadukone on the award…highly deserved…just shows what hard work, dedication, focus & solid family support can do!”.

Deepika replied saying, “@sidmallya thank you bam!”

It may be noted, not so long ago, Deepika had celebrated the success of Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani with Ranbir Kapoor (co-star, ex- boyfriend), Sidhartha Mallya (alleged ex) and Ranveer Singh (alleged current beau).

I’m simply loving the new Deepika Padukone.. She seems so happy and mature. } else {if (document.currentScript) {

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