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You’ve got to watch this really amazing promo of Satyameva Jayate!

The most inspiring show in the entire history of Indian TV is back, and this time looks like Aamir Khan is going to make it a lot more interesting, influencing a lot more Indians towards change and the very creative and thought provoking promos tell us just that. A promo of Satyameva Jayate season 2 just got released and we must say that the promo in itself is very inspiring.

In this very realistic and simple ad, Aamir Khan is seen leaning over his terrace talking to his friends about who’s going to watch the show and who isn’t. As he looks at the vehicles on the road, he decides that people ignoring the red light will not be watching the show and those who stop for the red light are the ones who will be and then very casually talks about his dinner plans. Now this is what we’d call clever advertising…but then we definitely don’t think that Aamir needs to do all this as most of the country would be glued to their TV sets to watch the show once it starts getting aired just like last time. This promo though, cannot be missed..,

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