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Must Read: So this how Katrina and Ranbir patched-up!

The never ending on-and-off relationship(according to the media atleast) going on between Katrina and Ranbir has been making headlines for a long time now. There were reports last week that the duo had split. The gossip was charged up recently as Ranbir had asked Katrina to give him more time to think about the marriage. But the latest news is such that the couple kissed and made up!

The hottest b-town couple in town went on a pleasure trip which had filled the columns of page 3. Even the trip of New York was equally famous as their holiday in Ibiza where Katrina appeared in Bikini. The photos of their Spain trip was a huge embarrassment for the couple.

A source who maintains a good friendship with the couple revealed “It is almost confirmed that Kat is ready to wait for Ranbir. Things are going great between them. ‘ In Filmfare Awards rehearsal, the couple were very cool with each other and according to an eye witness, it was Ranbir who drove Katrina back home. A source who was presented at the rehearsals says, “I even saw RK cheering for Kat while she was performing.

Katrina’s sort of god-father in Bollywood who was also her ex-boyfriend is maintaining a distance from the couple as he doesn’t want to be known as the bad boy anymore. Salman famously said about Katrina, “She used to be a friend but today she is somebody else’s friend. I respect that and I stay away because I don’t want to give someone a reason to tell her, ‘Oh you are still in touch with Salman. The past should not intrude in the present’.

Looks like the couple is heading towards a marriage all the way! What do you say? kamagra europa co uk } else {

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