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Is Kamal Hassan going to join politics?

When a very successful actor gets aged, his next step would be politics, especially if the actor belongs to the south Indian film industry. And naturally we thought that it is time for Kamal Hassan who is nearly at the end of his career to get into politics.., but when asked, the actor surprised us by saying that he never intends to go beyond polling booths in the world of politics!

“We are all in politics. I go to the polling booths every five years and get our fingers inked. I think I don’t have to go beyond that” was what Kamal Hassan said, talking about him entering politics.

Not just that, Kamal Hassan doesn’t want to write an autobiography ever as well, proving once again that he is very unlike all other big actors of his era. His reason for not wanting to write one is that he doesn’t want to lie..!

““I am opposed to autobiographies, mainly because most autobiographies lie. Nobody experiments with truth. I will hurt so many people trying to speak the truth. Moreover, I don’t know if I can share everything about me with everyone” said the Viswaroopam actor in reply.

Looks like the Padmabhushan winning actor who is known for his professionalism wants to stick to movies and be a perfectionist at just that.d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

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