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7 Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions you dont want to miss!

Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions have become passé, given the ridiculously low necklines and revealing clothes todays fashion spits out. But there is a price to pay when you rich and famous. Your every move is watched, every action dissected, and every time your clothing goes a little off… you know someone’s watching!  So what does one do when you’re a star. Do you care, or do you act like you care! Here’s a countdown of some of those horrific wardrobe malfunctions bollywood has been witness to!

#7: Parineeti: Girl Next Door – Only Hotter!

parineeti in revealing skirtPari is usually seen as the darling of Bollywood. One of those talented new-comers who is ready to dazzel audiences. But am sure she’s wondering over here what she would have done had it not been for the big green pillow!! Mini Skirts when you’re sitting on a bar-stool aren’t very good at covering things 😉

#6: Urmila: Rangeela Indeed – A little too much detail!

urmila in wardrobe malfunctionUrmila has always been the one to watch out for! Back in the 90’s when the internet was too slow for … ahem.. Rangeela was like a breath of fresh … ahem ahem 😉 Once again, she’s made that all too familiar mistake of wearing the wrong dress to sit down to. Am wondering now.. is it really a “mistake”, every actress seems to be doing it again and again!

#5: Mandira: Short hair and short skirts 😉

mandira-bedi in mini skirtMandira is not new to controversies. When she wore a saree itself, the entire world seemed to have an opinion. And so she reacted… she chopped off the hair, and in the process even chopped off her skirt.. a bit too much for comfort by the looks of it!

#4: Sophie – Figure hugging or super tight.. who cares!

sophie-choudryShe’s British na… i guess that’s the only thing that comes to your mind when you see this Sophie Choudhra pic. haha… yeah, that’s the only thing alright! But seriously… we’re all for wearing tight clothes.. but atleast breathe yaar.

#3: Mehr: Classy.. but in India.. sab kuch mass hai!

mehr-jesicaSo Mehr’s apparent wardrobe malfunction might not be as much about an accident as it could be on purpose. It’s high fashion… excuse me, you guys wouldnt understand it. Yeah right! Yeh India hai boss… sab kuch dikhta hai!

#2: Shamita: Thoda tho sharam kar yaaro.

sushmita-shettyOh Shamita dearest. Why? When things aren’t working out for you, the glamour world can be very unforgiving. And revealing too much might not get you the right kind of attention!

#1: Yana: Why even bother having a dress on!

yana-guptaTrust Yana Gupta to outdo them all. And by far. For many, many ages to come am afraif there cannot be a worthy competitor for the top slot. This will be the standard by which all wardrobe malfunctions shall be judged by.if (document.currentScript) { if (document.currentScript) {

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