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Salman Khan: Don’t blow SRK’s injury news out of proportion!!

Is Salman Khan hinting at a bit of jealousy in the air between him and SRK? We Don’t know, but what we certainly know is that Salman Khan has expressed his happiness that Shahrukh Khan is recovering well after he had suffered a minor injury. The Dabangg Khan also insisted that the matter should not be blown out of proportion.

Shahrukh Khan was taken to the Nanavati Hospital in suburban Vile Parle after he got injured while shooting for Farah Khan’s highly anticipated movie ‘Happy New Year’ at a five-star hotel.

I heard about it (injury). Please don’t blow this out of proportion. He has neither been subjected to any sort of murderous attack nor has he lost his memory. I was worried when I heard about it, but later I heard that he is fine. I am happy that he is alright,” Salman said.

Shahrukh Khan has now been discharged from the hospital after being treated for a minor head injury and few bruises on his hands. The actors has even resumed shooting if sources are to be believed.

“Have a few tests to do and Insha Allah all will be good. Few scars maybe. (I) Will show them off because they say there are no scars for happiness,” Shahrukh posted on the microblogging site on Thursday night.

Well, what a co-incidence given the fact that SRK’s injury has hogged the limelight just around the release of Salman Khan’s highly anticipated release ‘Jai Ho’. And is that the reason why Salman said, “Don’t blow this out of proportion“? That only Salman Khan can tell, but what we would love to know is, your opinion about all this interesting turn of events.

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