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Bipasha Basu’s Fashion Blooper!

Every once in a while, we come across some or the other actor experiencing a wardrobe malfunction or doing a fashion blooper at a public event. In the recent times, there have been actresses who forgot their bare essentials at public events; ending up showing a lot more than they intended to. This time, it is Bipasha Basu who made a fashion blunder.

So what is Bipasha Basu’s fashion blooper?

At a recent awards ceremony, Bipasha Basu was spotted on the red carpet in a gorgeous Manish Malhotra outfit. However, there was one teeny tiny thing that she forgot to do. Don’t worry (or worry), she didn’t forget to wear anything. What she forgot was to take the price tag off the dress.

The tiny little price tag which was caught on the extra-powerful zoom lenses, said the dress costs Rs. 23000. We wondered if a star like that would wear something worth only Rs. 23000 at an event like that.

Bipasha however, later clarified that tag was not the price tag but the code tag. “Yes, did leave the outfit code tag not the price tag on my Manish Malhotra creation which I wore for Screen awards,” was her tweet.

She later tweeted again saying “The outfit is (worth) Rs.1,85,000 not Rs.23,000”.

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