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Will Salman Khan’s Jai Ho be a hit? Of course!!

Jai Ho has Salman Khan in the lead, playing a desh bhakt. So the movie HAS to be a hit! Period!

Other than that, we have Aamir Khan promoting the film and telling the world that Jai Ho will be a hit. What his real agenda is remains a secret to all of us, but out in the open, he’s all positive about Jai Ho’s release.

When it comes to Salman Khan, he always get lucky at the box office with his movies. That could be because of his hard work or because of he extensive fan base. Either way, his movies are always a hit. So let us give you six reasons today as to why Jai Ho will be a massive hit despite not releasing on Eid (It was his thing right? Releasing movies in Eid?)

#1 The movie stars Salman Khan. It WILL be a hit! Your argument is INVALID.

#2 Jai Ho is the remake of Telugu movie Stalin and if you guys don’t know about the success of Stalin, let me enlighten you, Stalin was a HUGE blockbuster and people down south still talk about it.

#3 Aamir Khan is going all out to promote the movie. He says “None of my films will run only on star status, but that’s not the case with Salman Khan. He manages to do everything (smiles). According to me, he is the real Number One. He just bulldozes all logic.” . I mean, THAT coming from Salman Khan? Woah!

#4 Salman Khan didn’t star in any movie for a long time now, it has been one full year and we are hungry to see him. Famished quite honestly.

#5 And then, he will be romancing two ladies at once. Lets see how that works for him cause Shahrukh Khan failed at it. Terribly! Like real bad.

#6 Salman Khan is trying to reach out to his fans and is doing his best to make the movie tax free.

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