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OMG! It was not a simple hug, Rekha even touched Jaya Bachchan’s feet

We had recently reported that the Silsila trio had hugged and made up on the night of the recently held Screen Awards. But you know what came as a shock to us? Apparently, Rekha not only hugged Jaya but also touched her feet.

Yes peeps! You read that right! So what exactly happened was, for the first time in a very long time, the event organizers decided to have a common entrance to all the aisles. Rekha, who had arrived before the Bachchans, was already seated and as Jaya Bachchan made an entry, without second thoughts, the former swooped down and touched the latter’s feet, leaving the onlookers stunned and surprised.

Apparently, the ageless beauty had pre-planned the entire stunt. So, when Jaya Bachchan arrived, Rekha first touched her feet, then jokes and hugged her jovially. An embarrassed Jaya returned the kind gesture politely with a smile and proceeded towards her seat.

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