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Jai Ho’s promotions to have ulterior motives?

We all know that Salman Khan is the boldest star ever. He is what he is and that is what the audience loves about him. He is also famous for his straight forward nature. Never has he done a thing to disappoint us and he doesn’t approve of back biting either.

So, when he says that Jai Ho’s promotions have no ulterior motives, I think its time for us to believe it and ignore any thoughts about the RSS agenda. Yeah, like totally.

We should also forget the fact that he met Gujrat’s CM Narendar Modi and also praised him to be a good man. Order to the brain: Ignore the thought. Immediately! Nah! You can’t ignore something this big without proper reasoning. Why did Sallu bhai meet Narendar Modi? Just like that! And now Jai Ho is tax free in Gujrat. No under the table deal has happened.

But our brain is programmed to see the worst in ever situation and now it questions us about the man wearing a saffron scarf in the movie and insulting Tabu. What’s the significance of the scarf? Oh, nothing! Nothing at all, he just loves the color, it brings out the best in him.
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