Jai Ho Movie Review: Yet another remake

There is a standard formula that Salman Khan seems to have hit these days, and his latest movie, Jai Ho once again fits into the same “little bit of fight, little bit of romance and a whole lot of mass” category.

It’s almost as though it’s a fail-safe. There is little experimentation, and the focus seems to be on catering to the audiences rather than improving the quality of film-making. There comes a time when copying the storyline of a successful film from down-south becomes all too boring a routine. And I am afraid Jai Ho is the straw that broke the camels back!

One could argue that Salman Khan, being Salman Khan, can single handedly carry a movie on his shoulders, and he does do it in Jai Ho too… but don’t you think one can get a bit tired with the same old routine?

The Storyline (aka telugu movie Stalin)

One hero bashing up a hundred goons, and then because of the love of his darling sister mends his ways only to get beaten up black and blue by the same goons he once had the better of. And then.. when all hell breaks loose… there is ofcourse the “social-angle”!! Oh how filmy!

Our leading man scores extra brownie points by helping out the common man, and when they thank him he instead asks them to return the favor and help out three others. And so by this humanitarian “hum sab ek family hai” chain that has been started off by Salman, finally when our hero is in dire straits, guess who comes to help him out? The common man!! The AAM Aadmi! When asked why is that he is being given a helping hand, Salman realizes it is his humanitarian chain that is in full swing and he is reaping the benefits of changing the moral fabric of society!

No points for guessing that there is a token heroine role thrown in there. How else can you justify mindless item numbers and dance sequences that seem to give much needed relief to the fleeting story-line.

Oh, and there is the whole “common man vs political class” that is thrown in over there too. Of course, the common man is just “human”.. much unlike Salman Khan so he really cannot bash up all those goons and everything. But oh well, you get the point.

The Pointless Box Office Race

So while there is much talk about who is it that will win in the box office race to 250 crores… our beloved bollywood fraternity seems to have forgotten the key element of what makes a good movie… a good movie!! 250 crores, or 100 crores of whatever it collects… I sincerely wish that people who have the ability to influence so many and entertain even more apply themselves better to create something that will do us proud, and stand the test of time. Not cater to cheap thrills and remix the same old formulae again and again.

I am a big salman khan fan. He is a character unlike any we see in today’s bollywood. In many ways his life is very much like a movie itself. But I feel its time that even he should consider doing a good movie… and not a movie for the masses.

10 thoughts on “Jai Ho Movie Review: Yet another remake

  1. i love salman khan i dont care about the storyline and the banner i am a huge huge salman fan so definitely Jai Hooooooooooooooooo to him

  2. i think people nowadays dont look at nythng..dey jst want salman dats it !! i m not a salman fan but all my frnd do d same thng.jst salman nd it enough for dem

  3. whatever…people like him, people adore him…it works for him.

    he is an entertainer….and boy he is so damn good at it!!!!

  4. OhmyGod!! Sounds excellent. Cannot wait to watch it tomorrow. First day first show for sure!!! Salmann!! <3
    Excellent review guys!!!

  5. I loveeeee Salmannn!! He is so Macho! Jai Ho is superb. I haven’t watched it yet but I know it will rock! Sallu, you are crazzzyyyy!! Rock on!!

  6. Man … i love salman, but should say i am too pretty dissapointed about his choice of remakes… dont think jai ho will do too well…

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