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Guess what’s going to be entertaining? Dhoom 4!

So, the director who’s currently handling the Dhoom franchise says that Dhoom 4 will be far more entertaining and will be made on a bigger scale. What? Yes! You heard it right. We will have to endure another movie where Uday Chopra graces us with his presence.

Whatever does Vijay Krishna Acharya mean by more entertaining and more bigger than Dhoom 3? So he agrees that Dhoom 3 was NOT entertaining at all? Good for him! But since the movie has collected 265 crores so far then its all probably good for Vijay Krishna Acharya. So good that Aditya Chopra has given him the green signal to direct Dhoom 4.

The director says “Definitely, Dhoom 4 will happen soon, though I cannot say exactly how soon, but one thing is certain, it will not take as long as Dhoom 3. And I promise that Dhoom 4 will be bigger and even more entertaining.” So, can we expect Dhoom 4 by end of 2014? hopefully!

But come on Vijay! We need something real and not a compiled rip off of Hollywood blockbusters. Like Aamir Khan worked hard we totally understand that. Abhishek Bachchan got an opportunity to work and even Uday Chopra got to meet new people, we understand that also.

But what you need to understand is, we aren’t the 90’s audience where you sell anything and we buy it blindly. Not gonna happen. You got lucky with Dhoom 3 and you must thank Aamir Khan and his lucky stars but what will save Dhoom 4? We will let you in on a little secret – a real and interesting plot!

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