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Alia Bhatt is a bathroom singer! Who knew?

Alia Bhatt is extremely pretty and drop dead gorgeous and also has a fun side to her. We know that she’s very talented. I mean we could see that in Student of the Year. But what has caught our interest is her upcoming movie, Highway.

Alia Bhatt has sung a song for her upcoming movie Highway and the director of the movie, Imtiaz Ali is very pleased with Alia. The music for the movie has been composed by A. R Rahman and Alia gave her voice to the amazing Sooha Saha.

Even A. R Rahman was pleased with how well she could sing and said, “We have this lullaby, ‘Sooha Saha’ in HIGHWAY. Imtiaz said Alia has a great voice and I didn’t trust him. Then she learned the song and sang to me and I was pretty impressed with her natural ability too. We guided her little bit to perfect the singing. She did it twice and then we got it almost right and now it sounds great,”

But being the modest girl that she is, Alia Bhatt doesn’t boast about it and says that she’s infact a bathroom singer! She says, “It was unreal.. I am a bathroom singer but to have the opportunity to sing a song composed by Rahman sir was unbelievable…This film is so close to my heart.”

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