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Why did Salman Khan reduce the promotions budget?

Alloting a major chunk of the movie’s budget for promotions is a common thing in the film industry. Like wise, the makers of Salman Khan’s much awaited flick Jai Ho, set a budget of Rs. 16 crores to promote the film. It came as a surprise to many when Sallu Bhai requested the producers to reduce the budget to Rs 6 crores and spend the rest on charity.

Is he following his good friend Aamir Khan’s no-promotions policy? If this movie becomes a hit, it will set a precedent for other film-makers to cut down on the promotion costs.

Meanwhile, Aamir Khan is going out of his way to support Jai Ho and is tweeting constantly about it. “Five days to go! I suppose that means advance booking opens today… Jai Ho!!!” was Aamir’s tweet yesterday. Earlier Salman Khan sported the Dhoom 3 bowler hat on his TV show to support Aamir. Looks like Aamir is paying him back.

Salman Khan will make an appearance at the 175th anniversary celebrations of the leading daily Times of India on January 23rd. About it, Salman said “For 175 years, to be able to keep your dignity alive deserves a big salute. It is the most difficult thing. In this day and age, it is so easy to go astray, but for three generations to keep the same quality control, the same priorities, is phenomenal. If I visit a place where I have had childhood memories with my family or where there was a cultural bonding, I feel weird if there is a change, even though it may be for the better. For instance, if a building has come up in a place where I used to play and even if the building has come up for the betterment, I don’t like it. From the time I started reading a newspaper, it was the Times of India. We get lots of newspapers in our house, but jab tak TOI nahi aata, I feel incomplete. My first memory of the Times of India was learning my alphabets seeing the paper, where I was taught yeh ‘T’ hai, yeh ‘O’ hai, yeh ‘I’ hai. TOI stands for the truth and being unbiased. It does not create random gossip and is apolitical. The Times of India is the leading newspaper of our country for the past 175 years. Only something that is so good can lead for so many years.”
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