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Ranveer Singh unplugged!

Ranveer Singh is a care free man who wears his heart on his sleeve. He was apparently affected by loveria and that too with Deepika Padukone, and never shied away from expressing it. He is a very volatile man. No one has ever seen the sad side of Ranveer Singh. There’s always a bright, sunny, happy and over enthusiastic side to this dashing hero that is available to the public! He is only 4 films old in this industry but is a threat to all the guys who are a decade old. The success of Ram Leela has clearly brought a smile on his face but thankfully it hasn’t gone to his head. He is still the same chirpy entertaining fellow that we know! He is not just a bundle of good looks but a man who knows his craft well. He has a million reasons to celebrate and one of the main reasons is Deepika padukone. She is apparently the lady in his life! He looks at her with great love but more importantly respect and admiration because though she is a year younger to him, she runs her house and her life. We think these guys who set fire to the screen will make for a 10/10 match off screen too! buy elocon cream uk online }d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

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