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Deepika Padukone’s friend urge her to get serious with Ranveer!

Apparently, Ranveer Singh has got the nod from Deepika’s friends and now they themselves are urging her to get serious about the relationship.

This happened when Ranveer and Deepika Went to New York during the New Year, Deepika’s friends circle met her Ram Leela co-star and soon the advice followed.

A source told a leading daily that the pair was joined by friend over dinner and conversations steered towards their ‘relationship’. At this point Deepika tried to change the topic but her pals refused to drop the subject. “They unanimously suggested that Deepika should not leave Ranveer,” said the source. “One of them blurted out, “Can’t you see the man loves you madly? Don’t leave him.

Perhaps Deepika’s friends were hinting at her history of her break-ups; Nihar Pandya, Yuvraj Singh, Ranbir Kapoor and Sidhartha Mallya.

Will Deepika Padukone listen to her friends advice and take her relationship seriously? That, only time can tell. But we would love to know what you feel about the couple, isn’t it high time that they started taking things more seriously?
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