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Anushka Sharma’s fashion sense has improved heaps and boulders!

Anushka Sharma has come a long way when it comes to experimenting with her fashion sense. Initially when she was new to the industry she always played it safe but now sex appeal oozes in every outfit of hers. There is always some surprise in store for us when we look at her now. Anushka Sharma has changed and changed for good. We will show you how and where her fashion sense has surprised many!

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anushka sharma
Whoever thought a printed palazzo could look that hot? Something as dull as this cream pants need an Anushka Sharma personality to look super stylish. Her black top and belt balance the outfit. Thumbs up for this quirky style statement!


anushka sharma
If the saree is simple and elegant the blouse has to be a bomb! Anushka Sharma looks veteran and chic in this creation. She does her hair well keeping the primary focus on her grand blouse. Also special brownie points for that gorgeous velvet dupatta!


anushka sharma
Less is more! Well even though it’s supposed to be a floor length gown, we see a lot of skin show and we totally love that! She has it and fearlessly flaunts it! Her toned legs and back are a visual treat in this monotone blue gown.


anushka sharma
Carrying off something like this and looking stunning really calls for an applause! This black diamonte-studded suit would have been termed by many as tacky but Anushka makes us think otherwise. She lets her dress do all the talking by keeping her look clean and chic. And how can we miss those red lips? Bingo!

rock punk

anushka sharma
The rock star in Anushka had to come out and boy what an outfit she has chosen to personify it! Her metallic bling outfit and leather pants give her a sexy look. This rock star avatar of hers is a big hit! }

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