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Abhay Deol: I defended my movie and my rights

Abhay Deol, who protested against T-Series by sporting a black eye at a public event, said he did so because he had to. The music of his maiden production One By Two has not been released yet because of an issue with T-Series while the movie itself is releasing next week.

“There was an issue between the music company and musicians and I was caught in the middle. I thought of defending my movie and rights. I found myself in the middle of January and the music was not out and my film is releasing on the 31st. The film’s music was not in the market and I made a noise about it. Any producer who wants to defend their movie would want to do it. I felt helpless, had no rights to go to anybody else and it put me in an awkward position. I did what I had to. This is a larger issue, larger than One By Two. We have the rights back and now we can explore them,” said Abhay; during an interview with a leading daily.

He added, “You need to get producers, music companies and musicians on one table and discuss this. It didn’t start with One by Two and it’s not going to end with it. It’s going to go on. The whole music industry is uniting so there is something in there. Why else would they all unite, they all can’t be wrong. One should listen to the point of view from all parties and as a producer I had to do what I did, otherwise I would bear the brunt of something I did not create. It’s an important issue and there’s no solution as yet. I am no one to give a solution. I can only go to another music company and give them the rights to exploit it and market it and then I will move on. Had I not raised an issue people would have said oh your film didn’t do well, at least now if my film has suffered as a result of this issue, at least some people will say, it was because of the music. Had I been quiet they would have said things like – when did this film come out, that film didn’t work, off beat films don’t work. My film is not even off beat. I have done some damage control, it’s not only about releasing a film but the marketing is also important. Without that you are handicapped”.

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