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Salman Khan: Modi should not apologize for riots

Salman Khan who plays the role of a common man on a mission to change the society in his upcoming film Jai Ho, was in Gujarat recently to promote the film. He met the BJP politician Narendra Modi and was highly impressed by Modi. In fact, he said Modi should not be blamed or should not be made to apologize for the 2002 Gujarat Riots as courts and enquiry commissions gave him a clean chit.

The Bad-Boy of Bollywood, Salman Khan, has never hesitated to make his opinions public and has always said things that many others didn’t dare to.

When asked if he supports BJP, he said “I don’t vote for parties, I vote for my friends. In my constituency I vote for Baba Siddique and Priya Dutt as I know they are doing a great job for the people.”

He was all praises for Modi and he said “I found him very cultured and he treated my sister in a very respectful manner. I was amazed to see his voters and fans. They are very happy with him and they said that he is a good man.”}

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