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CBFC gives Jai Ho U/A certificate with many cuts

The Central Board of Film Certification has cleared the release of Salman Khan’s upcoming Jai Ho with a U/A (parental guidance required) with a few cuts. So most of his fans who are under 18, need to be accompanied with adults when they go to watch Sallu Bhai in action.

“Actually, this is quite an unusual situation for a Salman-starrer. His films are usually passed with a ‘U’ certificate with minimum or no cuts. But ‘Jai Ho’ is a political thriller about a common man’s successful attempt to foil an assassination bid against a chief minister,” said a source.

“There were no abusive dialogues. Salman doesn’t abuse on screen. But there are several references to current politics that could have made real-life politicians uncomfortable. These have gone. Also, some seconds from a few action scenes that were found to be lengthy,” said the source; adding that this is the first time Salman Khan’s film has been restricted by the censor board.

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