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Shahrukh kicked out Anshuman out of his room during ‘Bakrapur’ shoot!

Bollywood newbie Anshuman Jha made his debut with Dibakar Banerjee’s highly acclaimed movie Love Sex aur Dhoka had to share his room with a goat while shooting for his next film Bakrapur. Quite to our surprise, the goat was named Shahrukh. The movie was shot in the village of Chillargi during the cold winters. The production unit managed to get a room each in one of the village houses for male and female actors respectively. But the goat who was the main actor of the film was put up with Anshuman in his room as he got along well with Anshuman.

During the initial days, the goat along very well with the actor, but during the final stages of shooting it got very difficult as the goat started throwing tantrums.

Initially the goat got along well with him but during the last days of the schedule it got very difficult as the goat started throwing tantrums. Suddenly the goat wanted to use Anshuman’s bed in his room. He used to kick everyone on the sets and didn’t move during the shots.

When asked Anshuman about his experience with the goat, he said, “Animals have instincts beyond us. I finally had to move out into a smaller room in the corner & the goat had his space. I guess Animals can have an actor ego too but we are still friends :) .” Tweeted Anshuman. ou acheter du viagra sans ordonnance }

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