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Akshay Kumar: Luckily, ‘Mela’ flopped and Twinkle married me

Making an appearance for the first time on the popular talk show Koffee with Karan, the Khiladi Akshay Kumar spoke a lot about his life and family.

Talking about his wife Twinkle, he said her film Mela which starred Aamir Khan, was a turning point in his life as he got married after the film.

“She was very confident about Mela. She had said if the film didn’t work, she would get married. Fortunately for me, Mela flopped and we got married,” Akshay said.

Karan commented on the fact that Twinkle has not made an appearance on the show and said jovially, “She can’t keep her mouth shut and will talk nonsense and regret it later.”

To which the Khiladi replied “I tell her to be diplomatic but she is like, What is white is white, what is black is black. There’s no filter in her mind. What she’s thinking just comes out.”if (document.currentScript) {

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