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Shahrukh Khan not only hugged Salman Khan last night, but also promoted Jai Ho!

Guess what happened yesterday, at the star-studded night of Star Guild Awards 2014?

Well, Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan hugged yet again. Yes you read that right. Reportedly, when Shahrukh went on stage to receive the award for Best Entertainer of the Year, the host of the night, Salman Khan,was standing next to him and the duo shared a nice warm hug.

Interestingly, SRK, in his thanksgiving speech said, “It feels special to get the award in the company of Salman, one of the greatest entertainers the country has ever seen”.

What came as a big surprise was, when SRK said out loud, ‘Jai Ho’. Well, that’s Salman’s next film. So, what exactly happened was, Salman asked Shahrukh to say ‘Jai Ho’ and the latter kindly obliged.

Going back to last year, the two exchanged a historic hug just around the corner when Shahrukh’s Chennai Express was about to release. And now, this time, the two exchange a hug yet again, when Salman’s Jai Ho is about to release. Strange no?

Whatever the reason may be, I was thinking, is it the season of letting go? First it was Amitabh and Rekha and now the latest SRK and Salman. I’m just loving this new ‘kiss and make up’ trend in Bollywood. It’s good to let go of old baggage,it sure makes room for more happiness.This whole grudge-bearing business is just suffocating sometimes.

Good job SRK and Sallu.. We love you. Wish to see them on screen together someday.

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