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How’d you like to see Kareena Kapoor as a Maharashtrian mulgi?

In Ajay Devgan’s Singham 2 Kareena Kapoor is going to be seen in an all new avatar, that of a Maharashtrian mulgi. This will probably be the first time that Kareena Kapoor will get into the skin of a character that she plays so completely as she will have to not just be seen in traditional Maharashtrian clothes but also speak Hindi with a Maharashtrian accent. Also, the role of the female protagonist is a lot more important in Singham 2 than it was in Singham according to a source.

Here’s what the source added speaking about Kareena Kapoor’s character in Singham 2, “The character of Devgn’s love-interest in the first Singham film was sketchy. She was loud but at the fringes of the plot. In Singham 2, the female protagonist is pivotal to the plot. Rohit Shetty re-wrote the role after Kareena agreed to do it.”

The perfectionist that Kareena Kapoor is, she’s also been working on the Marathi accent with some of her Marathi friends even though she herself is very good at the language.”Kareena knows a smattering of Marathi but for the part in Singham 2, she will practice the Marathi with her Maharashtrian friends” was what the source added talking about it.

And this is what an excited Kareena Kapoor had to say about her role in the movie, “Would you believe it, I’ve never played a Maharashtrian before. I am really looking forward it. I know Rohit Shetty will make sure my character comes out right.”

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